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No Trace 3.65

No Trace 3.65 is a program that erases every trace of your activity in Internet
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MicroSmarts LLC.

No Trace 3.65 is a program dedicated to erase every trace of your activity in Internet.
No Trace achieves this by deleting directories or files you specify, permanently erase hidden images that your PC records secretly, cleaning your PC secret hidden blackbox, clearing your Browser Search Term History, removing your visited and typed URL list, erasing all temporary files, and ensuring that the deleted files won´t be recovered.

At the same time, the program keeps your system running at peek performance, by freeing up Hard-Drive space.

In the first screen, No Trace gives you a general view of the tasks that can be made, dividing them in four: No Trace Now will start removing every trace of your Internet activity instantly, Schedule will let you program a future scan, No Trace Shredder will delete your files making impossible to recover them, On-Line update will check if there is any new version available.

The demo version will expire seven days before the first usage. After that, you will need to register to use the program.

Daniel Ángel Romero
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